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Bookmark Collectors Virtual Convention 2011 Cancelled

February 26th, 2011 · No Comments

Hi folks,

Well, it’s been an interesting couple of months culminating in the decision to cancel this year’s Bookmark Collectors Virtual Convention. It wasn’t an easy decision, but I believe it was the right one.

There are a couple of reasons behind this decision. First and foremost has been my time and availability. Shortly after the new year, several new projects at work demanded more of my time and a new project at home tied up most of my free time. The convention was getting less and less of the time that it needed.

And the second reason is that we weren’t getting the interest in supporting the convention we had in the past. I  don’t think there was any less interest in a convention, it’s just that there weren’t as many offers to make presentations or take on some of the organizing tasks that are necessary. And after (happily!) performing many of the tasks last year, I knew that I wouldn’t have the same time this year. I will quickly admit that I need to put a lot more effort into organizing and recruiting both presenters and workers, but once again my time constraints interfered with the effort I know this event requires.

So, going forward… I am not saying this event can’t happen and be successful! Quite the contrary, I think we all saw how well it can work based on last years event. I am hopeful that delaying the event a year will give everyone a chance to prepare a presentation or participate in planning the next convention. I think the delay can make it a stronger event.

Please feel free to write and let me know your thoughts. Add a comment here or over at the convention site:

Here’s to an amazing 2012 Convention!

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Bookmark Convention Call For Papers

January 8th, 2011 · No Comments

We’re only a couple of months away from the scheduled 2011 Bookmark Collectors Virtual Convention, and we’re looking for papers and presenters. Last year we were fortunate to have a wide range of presentions, and I think we all discovered that everyone has something interesting to say. One of the best received papers was from Don Baldwin who simply talked about his own collection.

Take a look at last year’s list of presentations (, and then review the list of suggested topics on our presenter’s page ( Something on that list will inspire you.

As we discovered last year, the convention is a great place to exhange ideas and experiences. We all had a great time, and I think the presenters got more out of it than the attendees. I know I did!


P.S. If you’re not feeling like clicking on a link, here’s the suggestion list:

  • Photographing bookmarks
  • Using a scanner and Photoshop
  • Personal collection
  • Focus on particular types of bookmarks or manufacturers
  • The world of bookmarks: souvenirs of note
  • Bookmarks history
  • Cultural values/usages
  • What can bookmarks teach us?
  • Bookmarks and censorship: when bookmarks offend
  • Displaying your bookmarks without taking over the house
  • Categorizing bookmarks: Software and its possibilities
  • Exhibiting/showing
  • How to approach galleries. libraries, bookstores, and other locations for a showing
  • How to create a good presentation and find outlets interested in having you talk
  • Demonstrations on making bookmarks (pick any craft)
  • Die-cut bookmarks for today
  • The business of bookmarks: creating and selling bookmarks for profit
  • Using eBay and other auction sites
  • Online retail/craft sites
  • Writing about bookmarks: is there money to be had?
  • Bookmark swaps
  • Bookmark collecting groups/organizations
  • Creating an active bookmark forum for both discussion and trading
  • Building a bookmarks library: articles, books, and newsletters about bookmarks
  • Bookmark ephemera
  • Stories from collectors – how a collection came together
  • Unusual aspects of collecting
  • Bookmark contests used to promote reading/etc.
  • Expanding the field, educating the public, bringing in new collectors
  • On not boring people in conversation: how to talk bookmarks without losing your audience

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I’m back (the brief version)

January 8th, 2011 · 2 Comments

It’s been 8 months! Where have you been?

Well the way I see it, I needed a break. And once I’d started an unscheduled break, it was hard to return to my old ways. I’d been struggling with the weekly survey and really feeling dissatisfied with the time it was taking from my actual bookmark collection and other hobbies.

So some things will change around here. My original intent was to document my progress with making my piles of bookmarks into a real collection. If anything, I’ve gone backwards with that goal.

And the last Bookmark Collectors Convention (or the first depending on your point of view) really set me to thinking about the goals I have for my collection. I don’t have firm plans, yet. But I think that process is worth documenting as well.

Speaking of the convention, it’s time for the 2011 Bookmark Collectors Virtual Convention. We’re building on the amazing success of the first convention, and so I expect this one to be even better. My next post will focus on that.

So, I appologize for disappearing without notice, and I want to assure everyone that I’m healthy and fine. Nothing particularly bad happened in the interim. I just needed a break and some time to regroup, and I think I’m now ready to step back into the full contact, high impact, dog-eat-dog world of extreme bookmark collecting.

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Bookmark Bookmarks 21 May 2010

May 30th, 2010 · 2 Comments

bookmarkpixel.JPGStill a week behind, but trying not to lose ground! So here are the week’s worth of bookmark related links that I found, from May 15 through May 21.


Bookmarks In the News


For an editorial in Forbes, Michael Popek (from Forgotten Bookmarks) found a receipt with a hand-written note in a 1970 issue of Forbes magazine – Link

Contests :

Scott County (Iowa) Library System will hold a bookmark design contest this summer – Link

Contest Winners:

Winners for the Mason (Ohio) Middle School Library bookmark design contest – Link

Sarah Kittner was the overall winner of the Lincoln (Ohio) Elementary School’s bookmark design contest – Link

The winners of the Mental Health Awareness Month bookmark design contest sponsored by Alternatives Unlimited (Massachusetts) - Link

How to make simple bookmarks, at wikiHow - Link

Make Your Own Bookmark

Video instructions for making a birthday card with a bookmark gift, at Clip-n-CutsLink

Instructions for making this embossed parchment bookmark, by Amanda at Lovely Bags in Parchment CraftLink

Download this template that provides multiple bookmarks with a Save icon on a single page, at Swiss MissLink

A set of download and print bookmarks for the fans of David Archuleta, at Archuleta Fan SceneLink

Bookmarks For Sale

A lovely set of hookmarks with charm ornaments, at Colors CityLink

This week, Impressive Inscriptions focuses on their Daisy Girl design – Link

A book themed baby shower used bookmarks as part of a party favor gift bag, at Impressive InscriptionsLink


A hookmark with a hand stamped initial ornament, by Kristen’s Custom CreationsLink

On-Line Bookmark Collections

Coleccionista Chilena de Marcapaginas:

Alberto Perez school in Maipu (Chile) had another fantastic display of a part of Olga’ collection – Link

Collecting Bookmarks:

A handmade leather bookmark from Lithuania with an angel and tulips – Link

A metal cat ornament on this hookmark from Moscow (Russia) – Link

Forgotten Bookmarks:

Here’s the same receipt found in the Forbes magazine that was written up in the Forbes article (above) – Link

A typed recipe card for English Muffin LoavesLink

A blank stationary sheet from the R.M.S. Queen MaryLink

A transit pass for Rochester from 1939 – Link


A bookmark commemorating the Asturian writer Armando Palacio ValdesLink


Chopin themed bookmarks in recognition of the 200th anniversary of his birth – Link

Hand Made Bookmarks

Colorful foliage ornaments on this hookmark made as a gift, by Jennifer at Schlump CraftLink

A book thong with crocheted strawberry and leaves as ornaments, at Lace and LupinsLink

A tatted ornament on this hookmark, at Tattin’ Kat – Link

A heart shaped bookmark with a quilled flower ornament, at Anilza BeadsLink

Another quilled flower, this time on a rectangular bookmark, at Aniliza BeadsLink

Made for a project challenge, here’s a bookmark card made by Sarah Gough at Thinking StampsLink

A stamped and beautifully colored bookmark, at The Paper Crafting PlaceLink

Another paper-craft bookmark with a stamped and colored image of a snapdragon, by Rebecca Ednie at Eclectic EndeavoursLink

Here’s a card with a perforated bookmark, by Chautona at Eclectivity - Link

A stamped and colored bookmark for a craft challenge, by Lisa at Stampin’ For SanityLink

Another bookmark made for the bookmark challenge with a yarn tassel, by Alison at 21st Century Pillow BookLink

This bookmark is similar to the last, same stamp by colored and arrange on a different bookmark, also for the challenge by Juanita at Stampin Twilight MomLink

A lovely bookmark and card with a kitchen theme, at Darkroom DoorLink

A bookmark design made for a cooking group, by Sandy Grossman-Morris at Happenings…Link

2010 Bookmark Challenge:

One volunteer’s story about her involvement in the Stitching for Literacy program – Link

The story continues with a new participant getting involved – Link

And a third participant expands on the work of the first two, completing this wonderful story of encouraging literacy in schools – Link

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Bookmark Bookmarks 14 May 2010

May 22nd, 2010 · No Comments

bookmarkpixel.JPGStill catching up with last week’s bookmark related links. These were found from May8 through May 14.


Bookmark Collectors Virtual Convention – Link

Bookmarks In the News


Frank X. Roberts wrote an interesting article on the historic abuse of books with inappropriate bookmarks, over at BiblioBuffet - Link

Some ideas on seasonally appropriate wedding bookmark favors, at Wedding IdeasLink

Make Your Own Bookmark

Here’s an original design from artist Sara Varon on a bookmark celebrating the 2010 Children’s Book Week, which you can download and print from Children’s Book Week OnlineLink

How to make a simple twine bookmark, at Natalie JostLink

A tutorial for making a fabric bookmark – Link

Create this bookmark from a variety of fabric scraps, by Fiona at Table CalendarLink

A printable bookmark with a friendship message, at Free Printable Homemade BookmarksLink

A pattern for a tatted bookmark, at Tatt3r’s Lacystuff - Link

This post links to several bookmark making craft projects for kids, at TLC FamilyLink

Bookmarks For Sale

A birdcage and hummingbird are the ornaments on this hookmark, at Chatterbeads - Link

On-Line Bookmark Collections

Bookmark Collectors of the Philippines:

A beautiful puzzle set – Link

A bookmark promoting novelist Haruki MurakamiLink

A souvenir bookmark from Teotihuacan (Mexico)Link

Another souvenir bookmark featuring the Palacio de Mineria in Mexico CityLink

A promotional bookmark for the manga Death NoteLink

Some original pen and ink art on bookmarks received in a swap – Link

A wonderful quote from the philosopher Erasmus - Link

A couple of Hannah Montana bookmarks – Link

A bookmark promoting the donation of used glasses – Link

A two piece puzzle set that promotes the fight against HPV – Link

Coleccionista Chilena de Marcapáginas:

Another beautiful display of bookmarks from Olga’s collection at the Puerto Montt (Chile) Regional Public Library for World Book DayLink

Collecting Bookmarks:

A souvenir bookmark from Stratford-Upon-Avon with William ShakespeareLink

A lovely handmade corner bookmark from the USA – Link

Forgotten Bookmarks:

A newspaper clipping with a picture of baseball celebrities – Link

An add from a raffle – Link

A stereoscopic photograph – Link

A photograph negative – Link

Marcapaginas: Alia

Another set of manga/anime themed bookmarks – Link

Mirage Bookmarks:

A beautiful vintage die cut bookmark is being featured at the gift shop – Link


Some additional Sant Jordi themed bookmarks – Link

A set of bookmarks published in honor of the Virgen de la CandelaLink


Here’s a bookmark design with a “Save the Date” message, at Lepenn DesignsLink

Hand Made Bookmarks

A die cut and stamped paper bookmark, at Glitter, Stamps, and Ink (Oh My!)Link

A papercraft bookmark and card for Mother’s Day, at Mama JennLink

A tatted bookmark in the middle of this collection of handmade items, at 25 Motif ChallengeLink

A bookmark and card combo with a flower theme, by Catherine Cote at Card a la CarteLink

A fabric and button assemblage, at Cut Out & KeepLink

Crocheted flowers on a paper bookmark with photos, by Heather at Pass the CerealLink

A digital design printed on watercolor paper and then colored, by Erika Martin at Sweet ‘n SassyLink

2010 Bookmark Challenge:

Here’s the story of one active participant in the Stitching for Literacy program – Link

This post features a photo of several (beautifully) stitched bookmarks – Link

The winner of the Bookmark Challenge Loose Thread Stitcher/Stitch Your Heart Out contest is announced – Link

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Bookmark Bookmarks 7 May 2010

May 16th, 2010 · No Comments

bookmarkpixel.JPGWell, I’ve fallen behind again, and so here are the bookmark related links that I found from the week before last, from May 1 through May 7.


Bookmarks In the News


Matthew Freeman won first place in an elementary school’s invention contest with his bookmark that included a line pointer – Link

This self illuminating bookmark has an interesting design, but is not yet a product – Link

Contests :

A little contest where the prize is a book thong with a lampwork bead ornament, at Audrey’s Give AwaysLink

Contest Winners:

Here are the 8 winners of the Friends of the Surprise Libraries (Arizona) bookmark contest – Link


A swap of handmade bookmarks, at Swap-botLink

Make Your Own Bookmark

A nice article on transforming a child’s art into a bookmark, by Heather Ledeboer at Mom4Life BlogLink

Here’s a pattern for a tatted bookmark, at Sharon’s Tatted LaceLink

Step by step instructions on making this bookmark card assemblage, by – Meridith Anne at Little TreasuresLink

A tutorial on making this collage bookmark, by Heidi at Hip Chicks Craft TooLink

There are some free embroidered bookmark patterns in this sample set from Linen FlowersLink

Bookmarks For Sale

Okay, this one is weird: a bookmark that’s also an electronic dictionary – Link

A cross bookmark is this week’s highlighted design, at Impressive InscriptionsLink

On-Line Bookmark Collections

Coleccionista Chilena de Marcapaginas:

Three bookmarks commemorating the International Graphic Design Day (who knew?) – Link

Collecting Bookmarks:

A bookmark with a photo of Emily DickinsonLink

A leather bookmark from Wales – Link

A handmade bookmark from the USA – Link

A handmade bookmark from Portugal – Link


A bookmark in Greek from, an international book exchange site – Link

Forgotten Bookmarks:

An advertisement (drink coaster?) for Sapolio soap – Link

A postcard dated from 1917 – Link

Marcapaginas: Alia

A set of manga images of tennis players – Link


A set of bookmarks picked up at an International Book Day event – Link

A beautiful set of bookmarks collected at a comic event, including a wonderful puzzle set – Link


A bit of research on the history on this 1960’s bookmark found in a book, by S. Mehrens at A Library is the hospital for the mind…Link

I really like these Savanna bookmarks, shown at lmnop blogLink

A bookmark dedicated to the Asturian (Spain) poet Xose Antonio Garcia, at Mercadores del Libros- Link

Hand Made Bookmarks

A lovely corner bookmark, stamped colored and with stickers, at Diann’s Art SpotLink

A fun paper bookmark, stamped and colored, by Lynne at Ruby-dooby-doo’s Stampin’ SpotLink

A colored bookmark made in bulk for a set of gift bags, by Jo King at Only JokingLink

A cut paper bookmark, by Tammy at Paper Pastimes of a Scrapboooking MimiLink

Some very fun digitally designed bookmarks, by Aimer MoinsserontLink

A stamped and colored bookmark, by Smullis at Dragonfly DreamsLink

A nice tatted mark, at Sharon’s Tatted LaceLink

A ribbon bookmark with a Gothic theme, by Vicky at My Paper PalaceLink

A paper assemblage bookmark from recycled stock, by Sally at Crafty SalutationsLink

A stamped and decorated bookmark card, by Jennifer at Live. Life. Create. Art.Link

A fabric bookmark made as a gift, by Sunshine at The Cutting Edge QuiltLink

Stamped card bookmark with ribbon tassel, at Georgina’s Craft DreamLink

An elaborate bookmark card with printed design, cutout paper and ribbon, by Sandy O. at Paper TransformerLink

A beautiful water-colored bookmark (check out her whole set of bookmarks), by Louise - Link

A bookmark card with a Mother’s Day theme, at Valita’s Design & Fresh FoldsLink

A cute little felt portrait of a penguin, at Araleling CraftLink

A nifty tatted bookmark with an interesting fold design, at Jon’s Thread EscapadesLink

Here’s a lovely bookmark using tatted butterflies in the design, at Kathy’s Victorian Tatted LaceLink

Here are a set of bookmarks made for the EGA Outreach Bookmark Project, at Flying Fingers PlusLink

2010 Bookmark Challenge:

An Extreme Stitcher profile, illustrated with a lovely bookmark – Link

As the official end of this year’s Bookmark Challenge approaches, this post offers a bunch of tips – Link

Here’s the concluding post for the 2010 Bookmark Challenge with a description of how it all started – Link

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Bookmark Bookmarks 30 April 2010

May 4th, 2010 · 3 Comments

bookmarkpixel.JPGAnother week’s worth of bookmark related links that I’ve found, from April 24 through April 30.


Bookmarks In the News


Lauren restrained herself at this years Los Angeles Times Festival of Books returning with only 4 prized bookmarks, at BiblioBuffet - Link

Using personalized bookmarks as party favors for kids, at The Party AnimalLink


Swap a handmade bookmark made from salvaged goods, at Swap-botLink

Make Your Own Bookmark

A very cool watercolor painting tutorial that uses a bookmark as the sample, by Corinne Aelbers at Serg.ComLink

Download and print this bookmark with a Fall 2010 Fashion Colors palette, at Diana Komjati on AdvertisingLink

A set of memorial themed bookmark patterns that you can download, personalize, and print, at The Funeral Program SiteLink

A ribbon bookmark with a cut and colored paper monogram ornament, at Crafts on the NetLink

Instructions for making a bookmark pillow with a bookmark, at Instructables - Link

Corner of the Library:

A black & white image of E. F. Benson – Link

Bookmarks For Sale

These paperclip bookmarks with customizable ornaments, at Imaginations Run WildLink

On-Line Bookmark Collections

Coleccionista Chilena de Marcapáginas:

Olga talks about a book where one of the characters is a bookmark collector – Link

Collecting Bookmarks:

A double sided magnetic bookmark with pictures of Audrey HepburnLink

A paperclip bookmark with a pig as an ornament, from the Netherlands – Link

A leather souvenir bookmark from Warwick Castle in England – Link

A fun clip style bookmark made from leather in the shape of a moose, from Norway – Link

Forgotten Bookmarks:

A 10 cent note from 1874 – Link

A lovely bookmark with a radial design – Link

A crisp, clean, $100 bill (ouch) – Link

Marcapaginas: Alia

A beautiful puzzle set with a Japanese painting – Link

A large set of individual bookmarks with Japanese paintings and graphics – Link


Ten new bookmarks in the Salamandra series – Link

A big set (11) of double’s (the front and back images can be put together as a puzzle) – Link

To celebrate their 25th anniversary, a popular library has published these 4 bookmarks illustrated with caricatures of popular authors – Link

A set of bookmarks created by a organization working to prevent AIDS and discrimination against people with AIDS – Link


Another bookmark published for the Day of the Book, at Asturias Paisaje CulturalLink

A couple of American themed bookmarks, by Bal Yien at Dispatches from HawaiiLink

Hand Made Bookmarks

Some paper scraps inspired this artist to paint bookmarks, by Erik Brooks at E is for ErikLink

A stamped and colored paper bookmark made for a challenge, at Squirrel’s WorldLink

A stamped and colored bookmark and card, at Hand Stamped by LacieLink

An interesting bookmark made on a transparent piece of plastic, at Buggin 2 StampLink

A couple of bookmarks made for a swap and two more received from a swap, all hand crafted, at Beadworks, etcLink

A very fun bookmark made from stamped and colored paper, by Jeanette at Happy Thoughts & InkspotsLink

A nice crocheted bookmark, made for all the members of a book club, by Jessi at Notes from a Scattered MindLink

Some cross-stitched bookmarks made and received in an exchange, at My Cross-Stitch WorldLink

A beautiful bookmark with a collage image, by Kelly Burton at Artsy VisionsLink

An acrylic bookmark stamped and colored with lilies, at Geri’s CardsLink

A wild stitched fabric bookmark, by Susan at Evolve, Transform, ReconstructLink

A bunch of handmade bookmarks that were then sold, at Thirty Something Drama QueenLink

2010 Bookmark Challenge:

This bookmark tip is about some advantages to using plastic sleeves with your stitched bookmark – Link

An interview with Linda Kersting about how she got involved with Stitching For Literacy Bookmark ChallengeLink

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Bookmark Bookmarks 23 April 2010

April 25th, 2010 · No Comments

bookmarkpixel.JPGHere’s the last catch-up week’s worth of bookmark related links found from April 17 through April 23.


Bookmarks In the News

A Victim’s Information Bookmark has been produced by the Dabadie Correctional Center in Louisiana – Link

Bookmarks explaining the serious meaning behind Denim Day were passed out by students at Golden Valley High School (California)Link

You know the Mandarin Hotel in Barcelona is a class act when room service places a bookmark into the book you left open on your bed – Link


The Friends of the Spanish River (Canada) have two new bookmarks with information about sturgeon – Link

This month is the 30th anniversary of the Post-it Note, which was inspired by the desire to make a bookmark that wouldn’t slip out of a hymnal – Link

Contests :

The Magic Tree Bookstore (Illinois) is holding a bookmark design contest – Link

Contest Winners:

Mackenzie Hudson won the National Bookmobile Day Bookmark Contest sponsored by the Coshocton (Ohio) Public Library Bookmobile – Link

Winners of the St. Joseph County (Indiana) Public Library’s Create-a-bookmark contest were announced – Link

Here are the winners of the bookmark design competition at the Kendriya Vidyalaya Pattom Library Media Center (India)Link

Make Your Own Bookmark

A tutorial for making a bookmark card, by Hayley at All Things Pink and FluffyLink

A Japanese bookmark pattern you can download and print, at Free Printables OnlineLink

A tutorial on making beaded ribbon bookmarks, at Sweet Pyro Angel’s NatteringsLink

Bookmarks For Sale

Some charms put together for a Devil Wears Prada theme on this hookmark, at Felt CabinLink

Hematite and steel beads are used in this bookthong, by Gilliauna at Zibbet - Link

Silver angel charms on this hookmark, by Vivien at Vien ArtcornerLink

A bookmark design for mystery lovers, at Impressive InscriptionsLink


Although they have just run out, HelioPower was giving out a free bookmark that had embedded flower seeds for Earth Day this year – Link

On-Line Bookmark Collections

Coleccionista Chilena de Marcapáginas:

In celebration of World Book Day, five libraries will have bookmark displays with parts of Olga’s collections – Link

Collecting Bookmarks:

A photo of the New Church in Delft (Netherlands) – Link

A photo of a street scene from Leige (Belgium) – Link

A plastic bookmark with an image of Eyore, from Japan – Link

Forgotten Bookmarks:

Wow! Pictures & schematics from a 1902 relief effort around a volcano eruption – Link

An advertisement for a tackle block – Link

A personal, handwritten note – Link

A handwritten Chocolate Mousse recipe – Link

A little birthday card in an envelope – Link

Marcapaginas: Alia

A beautiful collection of Victorian bookmarks – Link

Mirage Bookmarks:

Mirage is building up it’s third set of 8 bookmarks in their Beauties of the Art History series – Link


A second lot of bookmarks from Indrets del Ripolles, at El BressolLink

Hand Made Bookmarks

A crocheted bookmark and die cut bookmark received in an exchange, at  The Holistic Knitter’s BlogLink

A beautiful stamped, colored and punched paper bookmark, by Sandi Kelly at Paper TrailLink

A nice cross stitched design on this bookmark, at Annie Bebop’s Coloring BookLink

A nice punched and colored paper bookmark (and the right design decision to NOT go 3D!), by Alicia at Time to Create…Link

A fun stamped & colored paper bookmark, at Graphix and Designs by NikkiLink

Beaded angels are the ornaments on these hookmarks, by Vivien at Vien ArtcornerLink

A set of bookmarks from colored digital images, by Sonya at Stamp WorksLink

A lovely stamped and colored paper bookmark and pocket stand, by Dawn at Paper TemptressLink

A stamped and colored paper bookmark card and bag, by June Annand at My Creative CornerLink

Painted bookmarks using scrap watercolor paper, by Judith Bailey at Outer Banks Vintage ArtLink

A crocheted bookmark of the Earth, at Craft GawkerLink

A nice little bookmark made from a tag, by Peach360 at My Hobby LobbyLink

A beautiful combination of fabric and batik paper in this bookmark set, by Gize from GizeCraft – Link

Plastic bookmarks from recycled packaging material, by Eileen HullLink

Bookmark cards made from stamped, colored, and cut paper, at Edie B. StampsLink

A magnetic bookmark card, at Pattie’s CardsLink

A stamped and colored bookmark and card made for a challenge, by Kathie Bailey at Just an InklingLink

A magnetic bookmark in the shape of a ribbon award, by Jennifer at Thimbles, Bobbins, Paper, and InkLink

A nice little embroidered bookmark, at Adaiha - Link

A huge set of handmade bookmarks prepared for a swap, at Little Scraps of JenLink

Two cross-stitched bookmarks received as part of a swap, at Grandma’s Red NeedleLink

Two multicolored tatted cross bookmarks, by Nancy at New To MeLink

2010 Bookmark Challenge:

A discussion on making windowed shapes as frames for stitched bookmarks – Link

Some beautiful needlework are on the bookmarks illustrating this post on donating purchased bookmarks to the Challenge (and some great links for buying bookmarks) – Link

The Stitching ForLliteracy program is officially now a year round program associated with more than Children’s Book Week. Contact Jen if you have an interest in other connections (great move, Jen!) – Link

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Bookmark Bookmarks 16 April 2010

April 20th, 2010 · No Comments

bookmarkpixel.JPGStill catching up, and so here are another weeks worth of bookmark related links found from April 10 through April 16.


Bookmarks In the News


A system using index cards as bookmarks to record information about the book being read, by Ann-Kat at Today, I Read…Link

The Chinese government is sending green bookmarks to publishers, bookstores, websites, and schools as part of a program to eliminate pornography and illegal publications – Link

Contests :

Here’s a chance to win a handmade collage bookmark, at Tiges and WeinceLink

Contest Winners:

Shari Bodofsky won grand prize in the Camden (New Jersey) Riversharks Bookmark Design ContestLink

The winners of the 3rd Annual Design-A-Bookmark Contest at the Seymour Library (New York)Link

Pictures of the winners and the winning bookmarks from the bookmark design contest at BookKids (Austin, Texas)Link

Make Your Own Bookmark

Here are instructions on making a beaded hookmark ornament, at Lorrie Everitt StudioLink

Here’s an elastic band bookmark with cardboard marker, at Instructables - Link

Instructions for making a magnetic bookmark at Instructables – Link

A nice little corner bookmark tutorial, at DRS DesignsLink

Instructions for making beaded ribbon bookmarks, by Melissa Howard at Suite101Link

Instructions for making a hookmark with a decorative acrylic disk as ornament, by Louisa at Crafts on the NetLink

Instructions for making a corner bookmark with punched paper and color, by Laura Estle at Cut Card StockLink

Bookmarks For Sale

Here are templates that can be used for making your own bookmarks, at EasyDigitals - Link

A set of hookmarks with beads, wire, and gems as ornaments, at Oriental SparklesLink


Every bead in this hookmark ornament has a Christian meaning, at Chars Beads 4ULink

A lovely watercolor bookmark, by 6 Cats ArtLink

On-Line Bookmark Collections

Coleccionista Chilena de Marcapáginas:

Some lovely illustrations on these bookmarks promoting a writing workshop – Link

For World Book Day, Universidad San Sebastian includes an exhibition of bookmarks – Link

Forgotten Bookmarks:

A typewritten poem titled The Friendly ThingsLink

A photo of a plaque to LBJ - Link

A personal note discussing the book it was found in – Link

A business card for a sign painter – Link

A black & white photo of a woman with a baby – Link

Mirage Bookmarks:

Be sure to check out all the latest bookmarks in the Beauties of Art History series – Link


Beautiful stained glass windows from Santa Pacia Church in Barcelona (Spain)Link


Some nifty animal shaped ornaments with tails serving as the ribbon bookmark – Link

A found bookmark with a poem encouraging reading, at Tales From The QuiverLink

A collection of magnetic bookmarks belonging to Balyien at Dispatches from HawaiiLink

Hand Made Bookmarks

A paper bookmark stamped and colored by Debz at Solar Eclipse CraftsLink

A cross-stitch piece that will be made into a bookmark, at My Stitching TreasuresLink

A pink themed paper bookmark, by Carlyann at Sweet ‘n’ CraftyLink

A faux leather bookmark made by Celtic Woman at Paper TrailLink

Another faux leather bookmark, this one with a cameo, at Paper TrailLink

A felt bookmark with a frog character, at Araleling CraftLink

A bookmark card, but the bookmark is a paper clip style, by Faith at Stampin’ With Markie’s MomLink

A card and bookmark with a Get Well theme, at Sweet Designs By CherylLink

A fabric assemblage bookmark by Maria at A Journey That Starts HereLink

A stamped paper bookmark card by Dawn Easton at Treasure Oiler DesignzLink

A patchwork of fabric and paper, by Gize at Gizecraft - Link

A corner bookmark with stamped message, by Daniel at JBS InspirationLink

A crocheted lizard bookmark, by DaCraftyLady at Crochetoholic’s Crochet and Knitting BlogLink

Stamped and colored paper and ribbon assemblage bookmark, by Cheryl Walker at Sweeet Designs by CherylLink

Stamped, colored, and painted paper bookmark, at Neva’s Crafty CaveLink

Die cut pieces of felt and sewn fabric in this fabulous bookmark, at Adventures in Die CuttingLink

A set of crocheted cross bookmarks, at sMiLeAlwAys - Link

2010 Bookmark Challenge:

There’s a lovely blackwork design on this Easter themed bookmark illustrating this post – Link

Another example of a stitched bookmark by Maureen illustrates this post – Link

Further discussion of card stock shapes as backings for stitched bookmarks – Link

A discussion of Operation Teen Book Drop that will include some hand stitched bookmarks – Link

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Bookmark Bookmarks 9 April 2010

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bookmarkpixel.JPGWell folks I apologize, but a business trip has put me behind one week. So here are the week’s worth of bookmark related links from April 3 through April 9.


Bookmarks In the News


Lauren Roberts at BiblioBuffet has an absolutely fascinating discussion of shorthand and the history of rapid writing, prompted by a bookmark from a shorthand class – Link

The Crestline (Ohio) Public Library is celebrating National Library Week by inviting patrons to stop by and make a bookmark – Link

The Iredell (North Carolina) Friends of the Library is giving out a bookmark created from a watercolor by local artist Susan CrouchLink

I’m amused (in a resigned way) by this story of airport security seeing a metal hookmark as a weapon – Link

Contests :

A kids bookmark contest for kids is being held at Watchung Booksellers (Montclair, Jew Jersey)Link

This bookmark contest is sponsred by the Claremont Friends of the Library (North Carolina)Link

Contest Winners:

Winners of the Chattanooga (Tennessee) Public Library’s Bookmark Contest were announced – Link

Jenny Minney is one of the winners of the Massachusetts School Library Association’s Bookmark Design ContestLink

Make Your Own Bookmark

Instructions for making a stamped paper magnetic bookmark with a rock & roll theme, at Darkroom DoorLink

Some thoughts on helping a child make a bookmark for grandma, at Grandma IdeasLink

A download and print set of digital designs, by Abbie at The Vintage MothLink

A downloadable bookmark image with a Mother’s Day theme, at Living LocurtoLink

Corner of the Library:

A photo of a doorway in Richmond, Virgina – Link

A stained glass window from St. John’s Church in Richmond, Virginia – Link

Bookmarks For Sale

A hookmark with a metal dove ornament, at Chatterbeads - Link

A discussion of bookmarks as wedding favors with links to samples, at Wedding Favors – Link

An illustration of a mother & her daughter, at Catskill Gifts WholesaleLink

A new hookmark design with bead ornaments at Oriental SparklesLink

A big set of custom made ribbon bookmarks, available at Stanley K. DesignsLink

Some beaded bookmarks made her daughters, at NBR’s SpotLink

On-Line Bookmark Collections

Chumley & Pepys On Books:

A big selection of bookmarks from Montreal’s English Language Bookshops (Canada) – Link

Collecting Bookmarks:

A bronze statue of a horseman in St. Petersburg, Russia – Link

A photo of a seagull from Porto, Portugal – Link

A wooden duck ornament on this bookthong from Germany – Link


A bookmark from the Benaki Museum with an image of a painting – Link

Forgotten Bookmarks:

A color Polaroid photo marked Dog & Cat – Link

A newspaper clipping with a crossword puzzle – Link

Marcapaginas: Natalia

A big set of beautiful Victorian bookmarks – Link

Bookmarks illustrated with outfits worn by a Catholic religious organization to celebrate Holy Week – Link


Here’s the latest bookmark from KV Pattom Library (India) - Link

School Days is the theme for this weeks bookmark at Impressive InscriptionsLink

Hand Made Bookmarks

Photos of a set of 9 handmade collage bookmarks created for a swap, at The Happy PapercrafterLink

A lovely stamped paper bookmark card, by Viviane Casale at Handmade by ViviLink

A very impressive bit of stitching (blackwork) on this bookmark at Words of a Wikkid WomanLink

A fun paper collage at Sandee’s SantityLink

Wow! A bobbin lase bookmark – Link

Using fabric scraps, Penelope Gan assembled this lovely bookmark, at Scrapin’  SingleLink

A bookmark card made with a stamped and cut paper ornament, at Stamping with PeggieLink

A nicely cross-stitched font that will be made into a bookmark, by Barb at My Stitching TreasuresLink

Here’ piece of cross-stitch that will be made into a bookmark, at My Stitching TreasuresLink

A big set of digitrally designed bookmarks for a Mother’s Day sale at a school, by Janelle at Warmheart Craft BlogLink

Another fabulous bit of blackwork, at Stitching GrandmaLink

A nice digital design using a Paleobet font, by Michael D. Barton at The Dispersal of DarwinLink

A wonderful tatted bookmark, by Ninu at My Experiments with Needle n ThreadLink

A lovely stamped bookmark made for a group challenge by Evelyn S. Elgin at Beyond Just Black and WhiteLink

A stitched bookmark with a video game design, by Brian Logee at Dash PunkLink

A knitted blossom is the ornament on this bookmark by Becky at Green ThoughtsLink

A set of digital design bookmarks made as a give away for a travel business, by Serene Ho at Reflect & RelateLink

A lovely stamped and colored bookmark with a card suit soldier, by Michelle B. Aka at Just Painting AroundLink

Stamped ornaments on these ribbon bookmarks, by Lisa Putnam at Puttering Around the Stamp RoomLink

2010 Bookmark Challenge:

A pair of lovely ribbon bookmarks with needlework ornaments are displayed in this post with book quotes – Link

A discussion about using stitching cards for the base of her bookmark ornaments – Link

An update on using bookmarks for sampler pieces – Link

Here’s some information about the Stitching for Literacy challenge posted at Flying Fingers Plus, a site for an Indiana embroidery  group – Link

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