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So What Do YOU Call THESE Bookmarks?

February 5th, 2009 · No Comments

A few additional styles of bookmark have come to my attention, so it’s time for an addendum to my post What Do YOU Call This Type of Bookmark?. Some of these are a combination of two other listed types, but still seem to deserve their own category. Here goes:

Magnetic Clip BookmarkMagnetic Clip Bookmark

The magnetic clip bookmark contains two magnets, one at each end of strip of paper, cardboard, or other material that will allow a fold in the middle of the strip. The strip is folded over the page to be marked, and the two magnets clip together marking the page. The magnetic field between the two magnets goes through the marked page, and the magnets remain inside the closed book.


Magnetic Clip Ribbon BookmarkMagnetic Ribbon Clip Bookmark

This bookmark is a combination of the Ribbon Bookmark and the Magnetic Clip Bookmark. What distinguishes it from the regular magnetic clip is that the magnets do not attract through the pages of the book. Instead they lock the ribbon into a loop around the book at the marked page. Only a portion of the ribbon is left in the book, none of the magnets.


Elastic Strap BookmarkElastic Strap Bookmark

This Bookmark looks similar to a Book Thong or Ribbon Bookmark because it’s made from a strip of elastic with an ornament at one end and a loop in the other.  The elastic wraps around the book and across the marked page, with the loop at one end wrapping around the ornament at the other end. The ornament sits outside of the closed book.


Book DartsBook Darts

A Book Dart is similar to a Clipmark or a Slit Bookmark in that the two flat parts of the bookmark clip over the marked page. What distinguishes the Book Dart is that the shape allows the clip to point at a position on the page being marked. The Book Dart not only marks a particular page, but it also marks a position on that page.



As always, I’d be interested in hearing about alternate names or additional types that I’ve missed. I can see that I’ll have to revisit this topic from time to time.

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