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Bookmark Bookmarks 13 February 2009

February 14th, 2009 · 2 Comments

bookmarkpixel.JPGThere seems to be a large number of bookmark making projects in this week’s links. Here’s the complete set that I’ve found, from February 7 through February 13.


Bookmarks In the News


Laine Farley has an interview with artist Mary V. Marsh, who has her work in this year’s Bookmark’s VI project. I really enjoyed this interview and find Mary’s work really compelling – Link

I may have pointed this site out before, but it’s such an intriguing idea that it’s worth looking at again. Nameless Letter is an art project where people are encouraged to leave personalized bookmarks in books that others will discover, like libraries and bookstores – Link

Okay, this article is really about parenting in a divorced relationship, but there’s such a strong bookmark story holding it together that I think it’s worth a link, by Tabatha SoutheyLink

Contest Winners:

The winners of the Arthur Johnson Memorial Library (New Mexico) bookmark competition were announced in a post along with images of the winning entries – Link

Make Your Own Bookmark

Just in time for Valentines Day, a short tutorial on making a heart shaped clip bookmark from a paperclip, by Jess at How About Orange… – Link

Embroider a cloth bookmark with this bird pattern, at Craft LeftoversLink

A band sampler pattern for a cross-stitched bookmark, by Connie G. Barrwick at Cross-StitchLink

You can download this clever image of an electronic bookmark SAVE icon, print it, and cut out a paper bookmark, by IcoEye - Link

A paper clip bookmark with scalloped edges, by Shimelle at Banana Frog BlogLink

A ribbon bookmark with a paper flower ornament, by Angie Kennedy Juda at Chic n’  ScratchLink

A great project for kids, making bookmarks from craft stick, yarn, and beads, by Shona LeahLink

A nice little bookmark project with a valentines theme, by Larissa Holland at Mmmcrafts - Link

A quick tip on making bookmarks from found cardboard, by Kandie at Frugal Living TipsLink

Bookmarks For Sale

A very fun set of bookmarks that look like paperclips with hands and feet, available from the MoMA online store – Link


A printed and laminated bookmark from original art by Stephanie FizerLink

Red Hot Lips Bookmark by Cassowary Jewelry - Link

A digital print from an original painting with the image of Frida Kahlo, by Tascha - Link

Misses Kwittys has a new bird shaped clipmark with an Art Nouveau floral pattern – Link

On-Line Bookmark Collections

Punto de Papel:

Mara Rosa has announced that she has duplicates of her FITUR bookmarks to send to those interested – Link

Mirage Bookmarks:

Here are some beautiful bookmarks from the Forbidden City showing traditional Chinese costumes (Drat! I didn’t see these bookmarks when I was in the Forbidden City) – Link


Another large display of bookmarks from the FITUR travel fair in Madrid. These are some beautiful promotional bookmarks, with wonderful puzzle sets, lovely calendars, and stunning photos – Link

The association of “La Garrotxa” has two sets of bookmarks they’ve released, one on bread and chocolate and the other a gorgeous set of images commemorating world cultures – Link

And another large set of bookmarks from the FITUR travel fair in Madrid, these are from the Americas (okay, only one US travel company bothered to make a promotional bookmark? – no wonder I’m envious of all these amazing bookmarks from outside my own country) – Link

Flikr Images:

Two mini shepherd bookmarks with charms, by Recicl’arte HTLink

A very elaborate beaded hookmark, by cshortprudhomme - Link

Hand Made Bookmarks:

MellowBeing at Thing-a-day 2009 made a lovely bookmark out of a colorful leaf pattern cut from origami paper – Link

A bookmark made with a repeating stamped and colored image, by Kelly Burton at Artsy VisionsLink

A nice clip bookmark that I believe was made from paper, by RoseAnn at The Social FrogLink

Here’s a tatted cross that was extended into a ribbon style bookmark, at Umi & TsuruLink


Another book reader’s blog where she discusses her love of bookmarks, especially her recently discovered magnetic clip bookmarks, by Cathy at Kittling BooksLink

Here’s a sneak peak at the promotional bookmarks that will be used for the book Art of Community by Jono BaconLink

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