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Bookmark Bookmarks 2 April 2010

April 3rd, 2010 · 3 Comments

bookmarkpixel.JPGAnother week’s worth of bookmark related links that I’ve found, from March 27 through April 2.


Bookmarks In the News


For some reason, there have been a LOT of posts with the theme Bookmark’s Are Great Advertising/Marketing Promotional Items. They’re all pretty basic and seem to be a theme that is being sold to blogs

Contests :

There’s a bookmark design contest for kids at the Swansea Mall (Massachusetts) to promote their Summer Reading ProgramLink

Contest Winners:

An amazingly cute picture of the winners of the bookmark contest at the Albert Lea Public Library (Minnesota)Link

Make Your Own Bookmark

Video instructions on making a beaded book thong, by Karen at Expert VillageLink

A collection of crocheted bookmark patterns at Fave Crafts BlogLink

A nice tatted bookmark with a link to the pattern, by Miranda at Tatting FoolLink

Video instructions for making an origami corner bookmark, at 101 How ToLink

Some beautiful sunny designs that you can download and print to make into bookmarks, at Daisy JanieLink

Instructions for imprinting a felt bookmark with dye sublimation, by Brittany Anderson at Cargo NetworkingLink

This is fun! Stamped paper ornaments on these ribbon bookmarks, and a cart to display a set of them, by Katarina at Whiff of Joy InspirationsLink

Bookmarks For Sale

You can have a photo or image made into a hookmark, at Arts CowLink

A tulip theme for this week at Impressive InscriptionsLink

On-Line Bookmark Collections

Collecting Bookmarks:

Beautiful bookmark from Japan with a geisha and pagoda image – Link

A cut metal bookmark from Finland - Link

A wooden bookmark from Lithuania with a rooster cutout – Link

Forgotten Bookmarks:

An advertisement for coal – Link

A typed letter from the 1930’s on Commonwealth Edison Company stationary – Link

A 1978 letter to retirees and widows from the Retired Chicago Police AssociationLink

Weird photo postcard with ain image of a four eyed cop – Link

A 1974 New York State Lottery ticket – Link

Flikr Images:

A printed paper bookmark had colored, by Clarian’s Hawk * ArleneLink

Inside Books: Bookmark of the Week:

A bookmark with an image of an old map – Link

A leather bookmark from York MinsterLink

Marcapaginas: Paula

A set of bookmarks with dragon themes – Link


A garden gnome themed bookmark, at Little By Little – Link

Hand Made Bookmarks

An assemblage of stamped and colored paper, ribbon, and buttons, at Ngcards - Link

A little glitter added to this stamped and colored paper bookmark, by Sara Redding at Luminous In My Chaotic Dreams (Life)Link

A stamped paper ornament on the paper clip mark, by Georgia at Gram’s PlaceLink

A printed paper bookmark designed by Jac at Jac’s PlaygroundLink

A lovely bookmark from printed image and hand colored and decorated, at Ribboks, etc. – Link

A stitched bookmark with roses, by Sue at MindNSoulLink

Some lovely assemblages with vintage themes, by Blanca at Magic Moonlight StudioLink

A corner bookmark using punched paper shapes, by Tammy Borrello at Tammy Stamp HappyLink

A bookmark card design with raised background, by Cheryl at Ch3rrie’s CreationsLink

Cut paper bookmarks with ladybug themes, by Cherrie at Middle Age MadnessLink

Paper corner bookmark with printed digital images, at Southern ScrapsLink

A stitched image of a squirrel in a tree, at Annie Bebop’s Coloring BookLink

Punched paper flowers and assembled onto this bookmark, by Mary at Rosebud CraftsLink

A printed design with punched edges, by Carolyn at Stamping, Scrapbooking, and Card HobbyistLink

Beaded ornaments on these hookmarks, by Julie at Stars Fall Designs – Link

Some stamped and colored bookmarks, by Chriss Rollins at The Paper GirlsLink

2010 Bookmark Challenge:

Here’s a tip on using tags as backing for stitched bookmarks – Link

Here are some additional Bookmark Challenge participants – Link

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  • Barbara // Apr 3rd 2010 at 7:24 pm

    This is great…because…I just so happen to volunteer in a thrift shop…and I take care of the books when they come in and I make a habit of pullling bookmarks or pictures, whatever is in the book and saving them..I was waiting for the right reason before I did anything with them.

    I’ll rummage through my drawer and see if there is anything of interest….although it looks like you have ALOT…

  • Sharon Halprin // Apr 8th 2010 at 9:21 am


    I love browsing your website each week as it offers me artistic inspiration as well as the encouragement I need to keep moving forward in my new business: handcrafted bookmarks. Thank you so much for your consistent presentation of all things bookmark-ish! Should you be interested, please visit my Etsy site at I hope to participate in the next convention!


    Sharon Halprin

  • Julie // Apr 28th 2010 at 12:14 pm

    OH MY GOODNESS, you linked to my site! Thank you SO MUCH! Your post just popped up in my Wordpress dashboard and I was so happy to see this. I really appreciate it! I am happy that bookmarks are getting so much love lately — I think it’s really, really fun to have a nice bookmark to make reading even more special. I’ll be sure to continue to visit your site — thank you again for linking and mentioning me.

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