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Bookmark Bookmarks 2 April 2010

April 3rd, 2010 · 3 Comments

bookmarkpixel.JPGAnother week’s worth of bookmark related links that I’ve found, from March 27 through April 2.


Bookmarks In the News


For some reason, there have been a LOT of posts with the theme Bookmark’s Are Great Advertising/Marketing Promotional Items. They’re all pretty basic and seem to be a theme that is being sold to blogs

Contests :

There’s a bookmark design contest for kids at the Swansea Mall (Massachusetts) to promote their Summer Reading ProgramLink

Contest Winners:

An amazingly cute picture of the winners of the bookmark contest at the Albert Lea Public Library (Minnesota)Link

Make Your Own Bookmark

Video instructions on making a beaded book thong, by Karen at Expert VillageLink

A collection of crocheted bookmark patterns at Fave Crafts BlogLink

A nice tatted bookmark with a link to the pattern, by Miranda at Tatting FoolLink

Video instructions for making an origami corner bookmark, at 101 How ToLink

Some beautiful sunny designs that you can download and print to make into bookmarks, at Daisy JanieLink

Instructions for imprinting a felt bookmark with dye sublimation, by Brittany Anderson at Cargo NetworkingLink

This is fun! Stamped paper ornaments on these ribbon bookmarks, and a cart to display a set of them, by Katarina at Whiff of Joy InspirationsLink

Bookmarks For Sale

You can have a photo or image made into a hookmark, at Arts CowLink

A tulip theme for this week at Impressive InscriptionsLink

On-Line Bookmark Collections

Collecting Bookmarks:

Beautiful bookmark from Japan with a geisha and pagoda image – Link

A cut metal bookmark from Finland - Link

A wooden bookmark from Lithuania with a rooster cutout – Link

Forgotten Bookmarks:

An advertisement for coal – Link

A typed letter from the 1930’s on Commonwealth Edison Company stationary – Link

A 1978 letter to retirees and widows from the Retired Chicago Police AssociationLink

Weird photo postcard with ain image of a four eyed cop – Link

A 1974 New York State Lottery ticket – Link

Flikr Images:

A printed paper bookmark had colored, by Clarian’s Hawk * ArleneLink

Inside Books: Bookmark of the Week:

A bookmark with an image of an old map – Link

A leather bookmark from York MinsterLink

Marcapaginas: Paula

A set of bookmarks with dragon themes – Link


A garden gnome themed bookmark, at Little By Little – Link

Hand Made Bookmarks

An assemblage of stamped and colored paper, ribbon, and buttons, at Ngcards - Link

A little glitter added to this stamped and colored paper bookmark, by Sara Redding at Luminous In My Chaotic Dreams (Life)Link

A stamped paper ornament on the paper clip mark, by Georgia at Gram’s PlaceLink

A printed paper bookmark designed by Jac at Jac’s PlaygroundLink

A lovely bookmark from printed image and hand colored and decorated, at Ribboks, etc. – Link

A stitched bookmark with roses, by Sue at MindNSoulLink

Some lovely assemblages with vintage themes, by Blanca at Magic Moonlight StudioLink

A corner bookmark using punched paper shapes, by Tammy Borrello at Tammy Stamp HappyLink

A bookmark card design with raised background, by Cheryl at Ch3rrie’s CreationsLink

Cut paper bookmarks with ladybug themes, by Cherrie at Middle Age MadnessLink

Paper corner bookmark with printed digital images, at Southern ScrapsLink

A stitched image of a squirrel in a tree, at Annie Bebop’s Coloring BookLink

Punched paper flowers and assembled onto this bookmark, by Mary at Rosebud CraftsLink

A printed design with punched edges, by Carolyn at Stamping, Scrapbooking, and Card HobbyistLink

Beaded ornaments on these hookmarks, by Julie at Stars Fall Designs – Link

Some stamped and colored bookmarks, by Chriss Rollins at The Paper GirlsLink

2010 Bookmark Challenge:

Here’s a tip on using tags as backing for stitched bookmarks – Link

Here are some additional Bookmark Challenge participants – Link

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Bookmark Bookmarks, 26 March 2010

March 27th, 2010 · 2 Comments

bookmarkpixel.JPGThis was a busy week in the bookmark world as you’ll see from the links that I’ve found, from March 20 through March 26.


Bookmarks In the News


From a bookmark with an illustration of the New York City skyline, LaineEdwin J. Meeker researches the 19th century artist in this article at BiblioBuffet - Link

Here’s an image from The Simpsons animated show that captures Bart’s thoughts about bookmarks – Link

A musing on bookmarks that includes a freshly coined word, Pseudobookmarks, used for found bookmarks, at Chumley & Pepys On BooksLink

Students from Verona (New Jersey) hand-crafted and then sold bookmarks to raise money for Haiti - Link

Contests :

The Friends of Claremont Library are sponsoring a bookmark design contest for kids – Link

The Richmond Flying Squirrels (a minor league baseball team) sponsor a Go Nuts for Reading program where kids read books from a list printed on free bookmarks – Link

Contest Winners:

Here are some of the winners of the statewide bookmark design contest sponsored by the Massachusetts School Library AssociationLink

Make Your Own Bookmark

Some loose instructions on making a bookmark and card set, at In Style Stamp BlogsLink

A set of instructions to make this very simple bookmark with ribbon and beads, at Craftbits - Link

Make this hookmark with a beaded ornament, at CraftStylish - Link

Corner of the Library:

An engraving from Life in Virginia Before the War by Thomas Nelson PageLink

Bookmarks For Sale

A wooden bookmark with stamped image of a rabbit, at ModCloth - Link

A nice hookmark with beaded ornament, at Whimsical N QuirkyLink

Here’s another hookmark with beaded ornament at Whimsical N QuirkyLink

A silver clipmark in the shape of an apple, at Memorable GiftsLink

Here are a set of bookmarks illustrated with characters from his Metamorphosis web comic, by Kaitou Kage- Link

The Bookmark of the Week from Impressive Inscriptions features an image of a daisy – Link

On-Line Bookmark Collections

Bookmark Collectors of the Philippines:

Two painted bookmarks made from buffalo hide leather – Link

Laminated bus tickets collected on vacation & made into bookmarks – Link

A hologram of a shark on this bookmark – Link

Chumley & Pepys On Books:

Here’s the first on what’s promised to be a weekly bookmark post featuring a vintage bookmark advertising the Scottish Widows’ FundLink

Marcapaginas: Natalia

A gorgeous puzzle bookmark made up of 8 different bookmarks, published by The Poor Clare Sisters for Holy Week – Link

Mirage Bookmarks:

There are several new bookmarks in the  Beauties of the Art History series available at the Gift Shop – Link


A set of bookmarks available at the new Catalan Museum of Modern Art in Barcelona (Spain)Link

Collecting Bookmarks:

Magnetic bookmark from the Netherlands with a photo of old books – Link

A handmade bookmark with a star ornament from Portugal – Link

Images of Delftware tiles on this magnetic bookmark from the Netherlands – Link

A laminated bookmark from Arnside, EnglandLink

A linen bookmark from Lietuva, LithuaniaLink

A plastic cat clipmark from Lithuania - Link

A woven bookmark from Turkey - Link

In Search Of Design:

A nice design for Oops! Creative from a guest designer – Link

More bookmark designs featuring the letters D, E, F, G, and H – Link

Here’s a design with the letter P – Link

Three more letters, Q, R, and S – Link

Forgotten Bookmarks:

A 1948 shipping ticket from a nursery in Missouri – Link

A floor-plan and set of notes in this post by a guest collector who stepped in when rainstorm caused a minor disaster – Link

A bookmark from a spiritual bookstore and a coat ticket – Link

Hand Made Bookmarks:

A stamped and cut paper bookmark, at Toucan Scraps and NewsLink

A nice tatted bookmark design adapted from a vintage pattern, at Needles-N-ShuttlesLink

A fun assembled bookmark from a kit named Beeez Kneeez, at Altered AmbitionsLink

A stamped and colored bookmark with ribbons, by Cathy at Ellieskeeper’s CreationsLink

A damask heart bookmark, by Angela Jean at Fire and IceLink

A large number of custom, hand painted bookmarks are in process, by the artist Amanda Makepeace at In the Studio With AmandaLink

A stamped and cut paper card and bookmark, by Brandi Wiggins-Cote at The Squareheaded StamperLink

A stamped bookmark made for a craft challenge, by Caz at A Load of Old BlogocksLink

A slide show of a set of bookmarks made for Fathers Day, at BlueEnglishNotebook - Link

Another bookmark card made for a craft challenge, at Garden of Handmade LoveLink

A lovely paper assemblage bookmark, at Simply IngerLink

And another stamped & colored bookmark for the Spoonful of Sugar Challenge, at Dawnies DenLink

Stamped and punched paper bookmark, by Mary at Rosebud CraftsLink

A paper corner bookmark using a stamped and colored image, by Kaylou at KraftywheezleLink


This is a very interesting bookmark design that automatically follows the page your reading – not for sale anywhere that I can find, by Lee Hyeon Joo at Red DotLink

A nice scarecrow graphic on this bookmark at Pumpkinrot - Link

A set of magnetic bookmarks with cartoon fruits and vegetables, at 4%Link

2010 Bookmark Challenge:

For those participating in the Challenge, a discussion of ways to finish off a stitched bookmark – Link

Jen discusses bookmarks as sampler pieces for needle crafters – Link

A few ideas on how you (or me) can get involved with the Challenge - Link

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Bookmark Bookmarks 19 March 2010

March 20th, 2010 · No Comments

bookmarkpixel.JPGI’d like to highlight 3 things from this weeks bookmarks – the World’s Largest Bookmark (In The News), Bookmark Day (Bibliophilic Book Blog), and the start of the 2010 Bookmark Challenge!

Along with those items are the rest of this week’s worth of bookmark related links: March 13 through March 19.


Bookmarks In the News

It had to happen: an attempt to set the record for the world’s largest bookmark (12 fit x 3 ft) at a book fair in Lafayette, IndianaLink

Here’s an interview with Arthur Fry, the inventor of Post-It Notes, where he describes his inspiration being the search for a bookmark that would stay in place – Link

Two sisters in elementary school are making and selling bookmarks to raise money for clean water in Nigeria and also Haiti earthquake relief – Link


Here are some nice ideas for making unique promotional bookmarks, at PsPrint - Link

Contests :

The Zion-Benton (Illinois)  Library is holding a bookmark contest for kids – Link

Make Your Own Bookmark

This tutorial is a bit different: instructions on creating a bookmark in Photoshop, by Carolina at The Hybrid Chick - Link

A video tutorial for making this unique photo bookmark, at Cargo NetworkingLink

A free cross-stitch design of a bookmark with spring chicks and pansies, at Happy ThreadsLink

Corner of the Library:

A nice portrait of Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr. as a young man – Link

Lady Henry from Lady Rose’s Daughter by Mrs. Humphry WardLink

Bookmarks For Sale

A metal bookmark and pen set with Celtic knot design, at Phantazi - Link

An elaborately sculpted metal hookmark with a dolphin and snowflake theme, at Heart EcoLink

A whimsical wedding cake theme is this week’s feature at Impressive InscriptionsLink


Fabric ornaments on these cute paperclipmarks, by Blue ManateeLink

On-Line Bookmark Collections

Bibliophilic Book Blog: Bookmark Day:

Monica S. at the Bibliophilic Book Blog created Bookmark Day in which she highlighted an amazing list of Etsy bookmark makers/sellers along with other bookmark related features. Rather than list her 25 posts, here’s the link to her kick off post which includes links to the rest – Link


There are a lot of announcements in this post concerning new bookmark series being published and  showing some very cool puzzle sets – Link


For this first link to Katerina’s blog, here is her bookmark of the month from February – Link

Collecting Bookmarks:

A colorful bookmark from England - Link

A photo from Gaza (Israel)Link

A magnetic bookmark from England with a portion of a painting by David RobertsLink

A leather bookmark from Argentina with a poem – Link

In Search Of Design:

Here are three more bookmark designs, these feature the first three letters of the alphabet – Link

Bookmark Collectors of the Philippines:

Here’s a great site from a bookmark collector in the Philippines that I’ll start following  – Link

This week, a couple of souvenir bookmarks collected from Kota Kinabalu in Sabba (Malaysia)Link

Forgotten Bookmarks:

A cheesecake recipe – Link

In celebration of Bookmark Day, here are 19 bookmarks from Michael ’s collection – Link

A 1931 prohibition pamphlet titled Way Back When – Link

Hand Made Bookmarks:

A nice set of crocheted bookmarks at Janet Happy Girl Has Happy Hook – Link

A beautiful collage and painted bookmark, by Kira Nichols at Oops, I Craft My PantsLink

A bookmark a quote and written comment received by Yoon See at Greener PasturesLink

A beaded hookmark which is also a give away, made by Janet Ruth at Along The WayLink

Looks like a tatted fan is the ornament on this book-thong, at Living SenseLink

A nicely knitted bookmark received as part of a swap, at The Holistic Knitter’s BlogLink

Some glittery paper bookmarks with cut card ornaments, by CeeCee at Card a la CarteLink

A set of crocheted bookmarks made by Janet Murie at Joyful JournalingLink


To celebrate Bookmark Day, Jo at Once Upon a Bookcase has posted her collection of bookmarks – Link

A new set of bookmarks are available from the Cultural Association Saint Joseph in Ripoll (Spain)Link

2010 Bookmark Challenge:

Here’s the Stitching for Literacy update, illustrated by a gorgeous bookmark – Link

I also want to direct you to the Flickr pool from the bookmark challenge, which is  posting some amazing hand-stitched bookmarks – Link

Here’s the post that officially launches the Bookmark Challenge, and it has a fabulous video that had me smiling and humming along with the music and animation – Link

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Bookmark Collectors Virtual Convention: A Review

March 18th, 2010 · No Comments

BMCVC 2010By almost every measure, I’d have to say that the Bookmark Collectors Virtual Convention 2010 was a success! It exceeded my expectations, and from the feedback I’ve received so far I’d say it exceeded everyone else’s expectations as well!

Speaking personally, I had fun, learned a lot, met many of the people I’ve only read about,  saw a lot of beautiful bookmarks, and refined my plans and goals as a bookmark collector.

And as an indication of what the other attendees got out of this convention, I think there’s universal support for another convention next year (although many wondered why we were waiting an entire year).

2010 Convention

We started shortly after 8:00 am (PST) on Saturday, February 20 (the delay was due to a bad link I had installed and quickly corrected).  Over the next 24 hours, 6 speakers presented 7 different talks (8 if you include my review and closing discussion). Most of the talks were given twice, and they filled three 6-hour sessions

The presentations were the core of the convention. Not just because of the quality and breadth of the presentations, but because the presentation tool we used encouraged chatting between the attendees during and between the presentations. The time between sessions was an opportunity to get to know the other attendees and talk about the convention. For me, that was the surprise success of the event.

At the same time, a set of photo galleries were available for viewing, and they grew as more participants submitted photos from their own collections. It’s a pretty impressive show of bookmarks, and our curator (Laine Farley from BiblioBuffet) did a fabulous job of organizing and updating before and during the convention.

The forums were actively used and were a place for the attendees to introduce themselves and leave a short bio, point out problems and make suggestions, respond to classified ads, append additional information from the talks, and socialize outside of the presentation tool. They helped me find problems and trends that needed addressing during the convention.

We had a couple of poster papers (thank you to The Bookmark Society!) along with the transcripts and recordings from the presentations on file for the attendees to download. From comments I received,  know these were used during and after the convention. Now that folks have seen examples, I expect to see more papers in future conventions.

And yes, there will be future conventions. I think this one proved that a virtual convention provides real value, especially for a group that’s dispersed all over the world. We had attendees from 12 different countries and 5 continents. Social interaction was easy and an important success of the convention. We had a strong educational component, an opportunity for collectors to share their own collections, and a marketplace for people to shop with vendors.

Suggested Improvements

Any criticism I received for the convention was always constructive. In the next week, I plan on sending out a review form to all of the attendees for feedback and additional suggestions. For now, here are a couple of initial concerns.

Attendance wasn’t large, and now that everyone at the convention has a better idea of what it is (and can be), there is a lot of interest in promoting the next one.

Our tool for uploading images to the gallery su… wasn’t very easy to use. It was a lot of work for anyone submitting an image, and was particularly hard on Laine. Now that we have a better idea of the process, we’ll have something better for next year.

The convention was almost exclusively in English. I’d like to see more languages represented because there are a lot of amazing bookmark activities outside of the English speaking world. In addition to more language support at the website, sessions dedicated to specific languages has been suggested.

I’ll make another post with additional suggestions after I get feedback from the mailing.

Thank You’s

I want to thank everyone who made this convention happen:

Lauren Roberts (Editor in Chief at BiblioBuffet) was the co-organizer of this convention and presented two papers. I would not have put this on if it wasn’t for her help and advice.

Laine Farley (contributor to BiblioBuffet) organized the galleries and presented a paper at the convention. She kept the idea of collaborative galleries alive.

Jen Fun Weber (Funk and Weber Design) was an enthusiastic supporter of the convention and presented one of the papers, despite her denials of being a collector.

Deanna Dahlsad (who contributes to every blog in existence, including Kitsch Slapped, Inherited Values, and Ululating Undulating Ungulate) inspired me to see my collection as something important and also presented a paper to the convention.

Don Baldwin (who will someday have an amazing collection on-line – watch for him at was a tireless supporter who helped shake out problems with presentation tools and presented a paper that wowed us with his amazing collection.

Olga Sotomayor Sanchez (Coleccionista Chilena de Marcapáginas) was an early supporter and helped create the Spanish language materials on file. She intended to present at the convention, but personal conflicts kept her from participating.

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Bookmark Bookmarks 12 March 2010

March 13th, 2010 · No Comments

bookmarkpixel.JPGAnother week’s worth of bookmark related links that I’ve found, from March 6 through March 12.


Bookmarks In the News


The Cultural Association St. Joseph has an active bookmark collectors group, and here are pictures from their public meetings in Barcelona – Link

Lauren at BiblioBuffet, and the co-organizer of the Bookmark Collectors Virtual Convention, has a post discussing the convention and her experience as a collector – Link

Hints From Heloise ran a letter from a librarian discussing found bookmarks – Link

A lovely story about a valued, hand made bookmark that was thought lost, at Single Mom: Revealed – Link

An update on the plans for Bookmark Day at The Bibliophilic Book BlogLink

Contests :

Here’s a giveaway contest for a bookmark from the Lincoln Presidential Museum, at Opening LinesLink

Kate England at Marmalade Moon is offering a free bookmark as a prize for commenters to her blog – Link

Contest Winners:

Eighth grader Shari Bodofsky won the Camden (New Jersey) Riversharks’ annual bookmark contest – Link

Four winners have been announced for the Make a Splash bookmark contest held by the Friends of the Glenn Rock (New Jersey) LibraryLink

Make Your Own Bookmark

Jen at Needle and ThREAD has completed her bookmark making tutorial for the Readergirlz - Link

A tutorial with video for making a card and bookmark combo, at Dawn’s Stamping StudioLink

A large bunch of lovely knitted book worms (book thong style) along with the knitting pattern used to make them, at Queen of KafoosterLink

Instructions for making an embroidered, paper, magnetic clip bookmark, at …is fiveLink

An instructional video for making these stamped paper on jumbo paperclip bookmarks, at Chick n’ Scratch LiveLink

Video instructions for making an origami corner bookmark, at 101 How ToLink

A tutorial on making a laminated paper bookmark, by Crissy at Scribblings - Link

Corner of the Library:

A classic image of Thomas JeffersonLink

Bookmarks For Sale

A Christian themed bookmark with a classic dove image is the Bookmark of the Week at Impressive InscriptionsLink

Here is a line of bookmarks offered at Peter Pauper PressLink


A nifty fabric bookmark with images of leopards, by HaberHeartWork - Link

On-Line Bookmark Collections


Chuck Whiting at Bibliophemera has a post about found bookmarks, which he calls flyaways - Link

Here’s a vintage bookmark from Foyles For Books, along with a classic model van with the companies logo – Link

Inside Books: Bookmark of the Week:

Simon’s son has designed a bookmark as a homework assignment – Link

Mirage Bookmarks:

A new bookmark is available at the gift shop with an image from one of Swedish watercolorist Carl Larsson’s paintings – Link


Here are several different series of bookmarks which show the variants produced by bookmark publishers – Link

Collecting Bookmarks:

A bookmark with pictures from Greece on both sides – Link

A wooden bookmark with a ladybug design from Malaysia – Link

In Search Of Design:

Three more bookmark designs all based on the same color palette with different themes – Link

Forgotten Bookmarks:

A doddle of a smiley face skull and crossbones in love – Link

A note with an affirmation about problems – Link

Flikr Images:

A shot of three bookmarks that look hand colored with transferred images, by littlethings1 - Link

Hand Made Bookmarks:

A stamped colored and cut paper bookmark made for a challenge, at Lovely Linda’s Craft CentralLink

A card and bookmark combo, at Cards & CoffeeLink

Making a bookmark from a St. Patrick’s Day card, at Marges8’s BlogLink

A beautiful stamped and cut paper assemblage inspired by a book, at Annie’s Art BookLink

Some fun ribbon bookmarks using colored paper tags, at Notes and Photo BlogLink


A very cool bookmark design made for a competition but soon to be released as a product, at Patsyfox - Link

Here are a set of bookmarks put into recommended books at independent store Just The Bookstore at Glen Ellyn, IllinoisLink

2010 Bookmark Challenge:

The latest (and last) weekly post on progress for the bookmark challenge since it officially starts on March 18 – Link

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Bookmark Bookmarks 5 March 2010

March 6th, 2010 · 1 Comment

bookmarkpixel.JPGThis is a big week for bookmark related links week’s! Here are the ones I’ve found, from February 27 through March 5.


Bookmarks In the News


$3990 for a bookmark! It was made from a strip of the film from a popular animated movie in Japan, and then auctioned. The last (unconfirmed) bid came in at US$3990 – Link

A fabulous ode to an impromptu bookmark, at I Am The Closet GeekLink

A promotional bookmark signed by the author prompt this post on the memoirs of William R. Holman, by Chuck Whitting at Archaeolibris - Link

Sixth grader Maya Palmer has created a line of bookmarks that she sells at a local gift store in Garner, North CarolinaLink

A fun interview with Neil Delamere who found his face on an alumni bookmark he picked up at his alma mater – Link

Contests :

BookKids Blogis holding its annual bookmark design contest for kids – Link

The Chico Library (California) will host a bookmark design contest for National Library WeekLink

University Bookstore in Seattle, Washington is holding its a bookmark design contest for kids – Link

A bookmark giveaway contest is being held at What You Reading Now?Link

Lynda at The Holistic Knitter’s Blog talks about a bookmark swap at Raverly which she has joined – Link

Swansea Mall (Massachusetts) is holding a bookmark contest for kids – Link

Contest Winners:

The winners of the Bald Eagle Days Bookmark Art contest were announced by the South Dakota Game, Fish, and Parks DepartmentLink

Make Your Own Bookmark

A tutorial for making a paper bookmark with multiple layers (including velum), by Pollyolly at eHow - Link

Here’s a cross-stitch pattern for a St. Patrick’s Day themed bookmark, at Embroiderbee’s Primary HiveLink

Here’s a video of Jen Funk Weber promoting a bookmark stitching kit aimed at the Readergirlz community – Link

Download this bookmark design celebrating Children’s Book Week, at Children’s IllustrationsLink

A tutorial to make these fabric valentine bookmarks, at Creative KismetLink

Corner of the Library:

A photo of a monument from the Hollywood CemeteryLink

A black and white image of Kate Chase, the daughter of Salmon P. ChaseLink

An black and white photo of Emily DickinsonLink

Bookmarks For Sale

Impressive Inscriptions is focusing this week on their redesigned Tuxedo Wedding bookmark – Link


A magnetic bookmark with a butterfly collage image, by MyBeloved - Link

A hummingbird image on this magnetic bookmark by MyBeloved - Link


Sweet! The Branigan Library (New Mexico) will host the Southwest Calligraphy Guild giving out free hand-caligraphed bookmarks this Saturday – Link

On-Line Bookmark Collections

Mirage Bookmarks:

A promotional bookmark for David Beckham’s new autobiography – Link


The Catalan Libraries Association has a new 5 piece puzzle set – Link

A set of 10 bookmarks celebrating women in science – Link

To promote their region, the town of Alcala (Spain) printed this set of 5 bookmarks – Link

Collecting Bookmarks:

A block print of Robert Wyvil, the Bishop of Salisbury from England – Link

An Austrian bookmark with a detail from the painting “First Kiss” by William-Adolph BouguereauLink

A leather bookmark from Argentina with tributes to the Tango - Link

A paper bookmark with religious image from Fatima, PortugalLink

In Search Of Design:

Here are two bookmark designs: one showing papers being thrown, the other with a cat theme – Link

Three additional desings, including burnt toast, a map, and a lovely scroll close up – Link

Forgotten Bookmarks:

A hand written set of words and their translations – Link

A postcard with worst wishes – Link

A letter from 1933, hand written on the back of a hospital form – Link

Photographs of a several collections of found bookmarks – Link

Flikr Images:

Martina has posted a large number of bookmark images from her collection this week (80 by my count) – Link

Hand Made Bookmarks:

A beautiful cut and colored paper bookmark, at Emelia’s Italian InspirationsLink

A stamped paper bookmark, by Shirley at The Daily StamperLink

A nice cut and stamped paper bookmark made in response to a challenge, by Carrie at Stamps, Scraps, and ScissorsLink

A nifty little bookmark made from yarn and stitching, by Janet ClareLink

A lovely multicolored tatted bookmark, at Snowy’s TattingLink

Not just handmade ribbon bookmarks, but also a cart to display them in an interesting way, at KamadesignLink

A beautiful tatted bookmark that is also a giveaway item, at Shade Tree ArtLink

A stamped paper card with a bookmark, at DRS DesignsLink


This bookmark will be included with the company’s day planners or sold separately, from Quo VadisLink

A bookmark made from a pressman’s waste card used when printing a book – very meta, at Tagbanger - Link

2010 Bookmark Challenge:

Her deadline approaching, Jen lists an impressive set of accomplishments in this weeks accountability post – Link

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Bookmark Bookmarks 26 February 2010

February 27th, 2010 · No Comments

bookmarkpixel.JPGWe are now caught up with this weeks bookmark links! Next up are the Bookmark Convention related posts and reviews!.

For now, here are the bookmark related links that I’ve found this week, from February 20 through February 26.


Bookmark Collectors Virtual Convention – Link

Lauren Roberts at BiblioBuffet (and my co-organizer of the Bookmark Convention) wrote a lovely editorial reviewing the convention – Link

A wonderful post by Jen at Needle and ThREAD inspired by one of the Bookmark Convention presentations discussing the stories told by (in this case) her bookmarks – Link

The Librarian’s News Wire had a reminder for the convention that came out just as it started – Link

Bookmarks In the News


A vintage celluloid bookmark led to discoveries about a ribbon manufacturer in this post by Laine Farley at BiblioBuffet - Link

A local environmental organization is distributing a bookmark with the contact information where complaints can be reported, in Elmbridge EnglandLink

To promote autism awareness, the Times bookstore in Singapore will distribute bookmarks designed by their first autism school – Link

A Bookmark Day is being celebrated on March 15 by Lisa R. at Lisa’s Loves (Books of Course)Link

A nice write up from one of the judges of the Toronto Public Library 2009 Book Mark ContestLink

Contests :

Mirage Bookmarks is holding a competition for witty answers to the question “Why pay a dollar for a bookmark? Why not use the dollar for a bookmark?” – Link

A bookmark design contest for kids to encourage participation in the summer reading program, at Swansea Mall MassachusettsLink

The Bonner Springs City Library (Kansas) is holding a bookmark contest for National Library WeekLink

A bookmark giveaway contest at An Addicted Book ReaderLink

Contest Winners:

Out of more than 10,000 student entries from the Omaha (Nebraska) area, fourth grader Tanner Brickman won the grand prize for the Omaha Royals’ “Hit The Books” reading program – Link


A fabric bookmark swap at Swap-BotLink

A bookmark swap for beginning bookmark makers at Swap-BotLink

Make Your Own Bookmark

A tutorial for a stamped and colored paper assemblage bookmark, at Stamp Shoppe BlogLink

Instructions for making a fabric covered memo board that Laine Farley uses for displaying bookmarks – Link

Corner of the Library:

An image of Aleksandr PushkinLink

A profile of Michelangelo - Link

Bookmarks For Sale

A silver clipmark in the shape of an apple with space for a monogram, at Memorable GiftsLink

A beautiful set of vintage Edwardian Advertising Bookmarks and a new metal bookmark with engraved cherry blossoms, both at Mirage BookmarksLink

On-Line Bookmark Collections

Coleccionista Chilena de Marcapáginas:

Olga is announcing that her collection is available for exhibitions or other displayes – Link


A set of bookmarks from a television station – Link

A set of magnetic bookmarks that celebrate the International Year of BiodiversityLink

A wonderful series of bookmarks that feature reproductions of carnival posters – Link

Collecting Bookmarks:

A photo bookmark from Bethlehem in the West Bank – Link

A paper bookmark from the USA with a quote from Hebrews – Link

A magnetic bookmark from England with a picture and quote of Al Capone – Link

A magnetic bookmark with an image from a Turkish carpet – Link

A wooden bookmark with a plastic seahorse from Portugal – Link

A hookmark from Russia with a butterfly ornament – Link

A fabric bookmark from Canada with an image of dogwood flowers – Link

In Search Of Design:

Here are three different designs posted together to catch up with a backlog (sound famliar to me!) – Link

A pothole inspired design for this bookmark – Link

A promotional bookmark with the phrase Who Is Bob?Link

Three additional bookmark designs, including some interesting mustaches – Link

An evening cityscape design – Link

Forgotten Bookmarks:

A poem by John E. PercyLink

A Stevensgraph bookmark (found in a book!) – Link

An advertisement for taxidermists’ supplies – Link

A receipt for 14 books – Link

A black and white photo of a horse race – Link

A hand written quote – Link

Flikr Images:

A large collection of bookmarks including some reserved for exchanges, by Martina_SchLink

Hand Made Bookmarks:

Several tatted pieces including a bookmark, at 25 Motif ChallengeLink

A hand drawn cross-stitch pattern of a cat, at Angels Stitching Blog – Link

A couple of tatted cross bookmarks, by Nancy at New To MeLink

A set of paper bookmarks made with a dragonfly image for a swap, at Sea Garden – Link

A set of bookmarks quickly made for the members of a retreat, at Front Row FriendsLink

A nice paper assemblage bookmark with tassel made for a friend, at Khix KraftsLink

A nice clipmark made from cardboard and embossing powder, at The Tropical ScrapperLink


Some fun book thongs with wooden ornaments, at Industry IdeaLink

A cupcake themed bookmark at Cupcakes Take The CakeLink

2010 Bookmark Challenge:

In her weekly accountability post for the Bookmark Challenge, Jen reports on the Bookmark Convention and the support she is receiving from some of the attendees – Link

Jen has created a Flickr group for uploading images of the bookmarks stitched for the Bookmark ChallengeLink

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Bookmark Bookmarks 19 February 2010

February 27th, 2010 · No Comments

bookmarkpixel.JPGOne more week of catchup posts, covering the week from February 13 through February 19.


Bookmark Collectors Virtual Convention – Link

Jen at Funk And Weber posted about her participation at the convention and not just her role as a speaker – Link

Bookmarks In the News

Contests :

The Allen County Public Library (Indiana) is holding a bookmark design contest to celebrate National Library WeekLink

RiverLink (a non-profit organization dedicated to the French Broad River in North Carolina) is sponsoring a bookmark design competition – Link

The Lackawanna County (Pennsylvania) Commision for Women is holding its annual Women’s History Month Bookmark ContestLink

A bookmark design contest for kids in the Brockport Central School District (New York)Link

A contest to give away a set of bookmark from artist Meridith Dillman, at Fire and IceLink

The Florida Women’s Basketball Team is hosting a Bookmark Game where elementary school kids receive bookmarks with a reading challenge – Link

Make Your Own Bookmark

A sampler cross-stitch project to make a bookmarks, by Connie G. Barwick at

A tutorial for making a paper Velentine’s card, at Childmade - Link

Instructions for making a stacked photo bookmark, at Urban ComfortLink

A paper bookmark craft project with your child, at Just Parenting AdviceLink

Some downloadable templates to make bookmarks with flower images, at Free Homemade Bookmarks, Cards, Calendars and Other CraftsLink

How to use fabric scraps for making bookmarks, at 7 Layer StudioLink

Download a child’s bookmark that they can color, at Free Arts and Crafts for ChildrenLink

Instructions for making a magnetic clip bookmark, at Cym LowellLink

And even more bookmarks that you can download and color, at Free Homemade Bookmarks, Cards, Calendars and Other CraftsLink

These bookmarks have a dog images that can be downloaded and colored, at Free Arts and Crafts for ChildrenLink

Corner of the Library:

A nice pen and ink drawing of Alfred, Lord TennysonLink

An drawing of Lorenzo de’ MediciLink

A photo of the statue David by Andrea del VerrocchioLink

Bookmarks For Sale

A silver finish bookmark with a caduceus charm that can be monogrammed, at Memorable GiftsLink

A cross-stitched bookmark with a pirate image, at Needlecraft MarketplaceLink

Here’s the base of a hookmark that you can use to make your own bookmark, at Get CraftyLink

Silver hookmark findings to make your own bookmarks, at Get CraftyLink


A lovely set of fantasy paintings of foxes in kimonos reproduced in this 4 bookmark set, by Meredith DillmanLink

On-Line Bookmark Collections


A nice set of medieval themed bookmarks from the Bourbon Lorenzana collection – Link

A wonderful set of tourism bookmarks with images from Poeda SpainLink

Collecting Bookmarks:

A photo bookmark with pictures of Irish Pubs from the UK – Link

A German bookmark with a photo of a cat and dog – Link

A metal clipmark with a drawing of the Petronas Twin Towers from Malaysia - Link

A plastic clipmark from Lithuania in the shape of a cartoon rabbit – Link

A lovely fabric bookmark from England – Link

A pierced metal bookmark from Switzerland with an image from a Japanese artist – Link

A lovely fabric gift bookmark from Japan – Link

In Search Of Design:

Here’s a lovely owl silhouette with no download link – Link

A Valentines day design – Link

A nice paperclip design with the phrase “Leave A Message” – Link

A line based graphic – Link

Scissors with a cut pattern – Link

Forgotten Bookmarks:

A 7-Up business card, found in a fake book vault – Link

A hand written school report on Brutus from Julius Cesar – Link

Flikr Images:

A clip bookmark with a cartoon ice cream image, by She.Likes.CuteLink

Hand Made Bookmarks:

A fabric and paper assemblage bookmark, by Barb Foster at Foster Design House – Link

A lovely tatted bookmark with a tassel, at A Happy BluebirdLink

An Owly image on this bookmark, made to cheer up a young girl with Leukemia – Link


A lovely portrait drawing on a bookmark, done by the artist Zindy, at Nihrida’s BlogLink

Grass shaped post-its used as bookmarks, at Felix IPLink

2010 Bookmark Challenge:

Jen’s weekly update, and these always include an interesting bookmark image. This one we’ve seen at the artists site, but now we know the stitching technique is called blackwork - Link

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Bookmark Bookmarks 12 February 2010

February 27th, 2010 · 1 Comment

bookmarkpixel.JPGI’m still catching up on the posts I’ve held off due to the convention. I’m sorry I missed updating during this week because there were a LOT of announcements for the Bookmark Convention that I was unaware of. We received a lot of unsolicited publicity.

So, here is the week’s worth of bookmark related links for February 6 through February 12.


Bookmark Collectors Virtual Convention – Link

We had a lovely write up in advance of the convention at the Seattle Pi, a local online news site – Link

Here’s the announcement at the LISWire, the Librarian’s News WireLink

An announcement for the convention at CR2 BlogLink

The announcement at Book Patrol - Link

Here’s the announcement at the Friends of the Roswell Library, along with some images of their own bookmarks – Link

Bookmarks In the News


Inspired by two fish shaped bookmarks advertising Moller’s Cod Liver Oil, Lauren has a wonderful article on the vile medicinal at BiblioBuffet - Link

Local artist Gita Rash has made 120 bookmarks for the residents at a senior center in East StroudsburgLink

Contests :

A nice post from a judge of a bookmark contest, by Katia WishLink

A bookmark design competition, at SCC ArtLink

Make Your Own Bookmark

A nice papercraft tutorial on making a corner bookmark, at Inking Addict DesignLink

A cool video tutorial for making a Valentines Day bookmark, at Fun 4 The ChildrenLink

An nice Valentines day embroidery pattern, at Embroiderbee’s Primary HiveLink

A design and tutorial for a magnetic bookmark, at Controlling My ChaosLink

Make this fabric bookmark with a Valentines theme, at The Prairie GirlLink

A kids project to make a Valentines bookmark with a Popsicle stick, at Susan Heim On ParentingLink

You can download this PDF and print out the bookmark, by Josh PremudaLink

With a goal towards making a bookmark a month, here’s a collection of bookmark making links at SEI LifestyleLink

Corner of the Library:

A nice ink drawing of Charles Darwin’s home – Link

A photo of a statue of Abraham Lincoln with his son ToddLink

In Search Of Design:

A verse with meaning for any graphic designer – Link

A colorful design with paint splatters – Link

A Texas theme – Link

Bookmarks For Sale

Well, here it is! The sterling silver Olympic Souvenir BookmarkLink

A hookmark with a monogrammed gold star as the ornament, at Memorable GiftsLink

A nice pair of monogrammed silver bookmarks, at Memorable GiftsLink

A nice announcement at The Collecting GeneLink

Another beautiful bookmark based on her original art, by Melody Lea LambLink


A lovely image of a fantasy dragon and fairy cat mouse bookmark, by Bemused ArtLink


Pamela Clare is giving away bookmarks from her book Naked EdgeLink

On-Line Bookmark Collections


A set of bookmarks promoting the author Matilde Asensi and her books – Link

A set of bookmarks promoting the city of Cueta, SpainLink

More bookmarks from this year’s International Tourism FairLink

Collecting Bookmarks:

A pierced metal bookmark from England – Link

A magnetic clipmark with a photo of wooden clogs from the Netherlands – Link

A bookmark with a magnifying glass as the ornament – Link

A leather bookmark from Tallinn in Estonia – Link

A metal clipmark stored in an card bookmark, from artist Evelia Sowash in the USA – Link

Forgotten Bookmarks:

A library card application form – Link

A collection of Valentines related items found in books over the years – Link

A recipe written in Greek – Link

Flikr Images:

A couple of Sindy collectibles, including a magnetic bookmark, by Impossible PrincessLink

Hand Made Bookmarks:

A lovely paper and ribbon bookmark with a purple heart, at Paperpapier - Link

Here are a set of bookmarks made from recycled material, at Green ThingLink

A cool fabric and clay bookmark, by Karen Kay at ARTx365 (there is a large series of these!) – Link

How could I resist a bookmark made while writing some code, by Charles Stanhope at Just To Get Some AttentionLink

A beautifully knitted lace bookmark along with a small clipmark made from a decorative button, at Trowel and ErrorLink


Quite a nice thrift store find – this bookmark with a small doll as the ornament, by Susan Wicker at Writing Straight From The Heart - Link

2010 Bookmark Challenge:

The weekly update and accountability confessions on progress made towards this year’s Bookmark ChallengeLink

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Bookmark Bookmarks 5 February 2010

February 26th, 2010 · 1 Comment

bookmarkpixel.JPGWell folks, I am way behind in my weekly round up of links. The Bookmark Convention took a lot of time, and although it went amazingly well (more in a separate post) I am just now catching up on my postings. Instead of overwhelming everyone with one huge post, I’m going to catch up a week at a time.

So here are the week’s worth of bookmark related links that I’ve found for January 30 through February 5.


Bookmark Collectors Virtual Convention – Link

It was AMAZING! Thanks to everyone involved. A better review will follow, but I would say this event was a success - Link

Bookmarks In the News


A vintage celluloid bookmark leads Laine on a merry chase when she researches its history, documented in this article at BiblioBuffet - Link

The Gozo (Malta) minister distributed calendar/bookmarks with an eco theme – Link

A sad ode to a lost bookmark, at Somber HavenLink

Contests :

A bookmark design contest in Moffat County (Colorado) to celebrate the life of Dr. Seuss on his birthday – Link

The Lackawanna County (Pennsylvania) Commission for Women is sponsoring its annual Women’s History Month Bookmark ContestLink

Contest Winners:

Rachel Gealow has an honorable mention in the Massachusetts School Library Association’s bookmark design contest (includes a picture of her bookmark) – Link

Make Your Own Bookmark

Wow, how did I miss this: a tutorial on carving a bookmark from wood, by Chris Morgan at Missouri WoodcarverLink

Instructions for making a bookmark from vegetable material out of your garden, at Nadia Knows GardensLink

A very nice tutorial on making some beautiful corner bookmarks from cut and colored paper, at Country Life in the Big CityLink

Tutorial on making a magnetic clip bookmark with a Valentines theme, at Plainbellied ProductionsLink

A fun kid’s craft project to make a book worm bokomark from Valentines hearts, at Activity VillageLink

Corner of the Library:

An ink and wash illustration of Chawton Cottage from Jane Austin – Link

A decorative illustration – Link

In Search Of Design:

A butterfly against clouds in the sky – Link

A wood grain texture gives a carved feeling to this design – Link

A light bulb and a phrase – Link

Oh yeah, a pink flamingo – Link

Bookmarks For Sale

A lovely clip bookmark with a Japanese clay flower ornament, at Crystal DolliesLink

Although sold as a bridal gift, this lovely clip style bookmark has a more general Love theme, at Online Bridal StoreLink

A selection of bookmarks suitable as wedding favors, at Wedding IdeasLink

A fun alien design from Impressive InscriptionsLink

A beautifully designed bookmark with a classic Parisian theme, by La Petite Plume DesignsLink

On-Line Bookmark Collections

Inside Books: Bookmark of the Week:

A leather bookmark from St. Paul’s Cathedral in London (England) – Link


Tourism bookmarks for several Spanish communities – Link

More tourism related bookmarks from Spanish communities – Link

Collecting Bookmarks:

A palm leaf with a dolphin shaped cutout, from Thailand – Link

An Italian bookmark with an image by Fransesco Musante – Link

Another wooden bookmark with cutouts, this one from Great Britain – Link

A photo of Lichfield Cathedral in England – Link

An illustration of a Kabuki actor, from Japan – Link

Forgotten Bookmarks:

A packing slip from 1966 for the book it was in – Link

A recipe for Choco-Mallow Logs – Link

A photo labeled with Jamaican Defense Forces – Link

Flikr Images:

A downloadable bookmark shaped image of a ship-building yard, by RodneyHarrison1966Link

Hand Made Bookmarks:

A very fun dragon bookmark made from punched paper, by Brandi Wiggins-Cote from The Squareheaded StamperLink

A cross-stitched bookmark with a Valentines theme, at CieAngel’s HavenLink

Another cross-stitched bookmark in a sampler style, by Shelleen Toland at Shelleen’s MusingLink

An interesting cross bookmark that’s crocheted (?), at Crafty IdeasLink

A hand drawn bookmark made as a gift for Lynda at The Holistic Knitter’s BlogLink

A Valentine’s bookmark made from die cut paper, at Tech Art StampsLink

Some Harry Potter themed bookmarks made for a swap (I especially like the bookscarf), by PJ at Crafty Lil’ ThingLink

A bookmark hand colored with a Valentines theme, at The New Artist’s BlogLink

More amazing works of colorful art as bookmarks collected from a swap at Stitch AlchemyLink

Bookmarks given as gifts with some lovely drawings, by Jenna Petry at The Creative OutletLink


A nice bookmark made from a ruler and elastic band, posted by Laurie at Plannerisms - Link

A beautiful painted image on a bookmark, by artist Brecht EvansLink

A set of very fun felt bookmarks with emotions and messages, by Natalia PlentzLink

2010 Bookmark Challenge:

Here is Jen’s weekly update on the Bookmark ChallengeLink

And here is Jen’s announcement for the Bookmark Convention (thanks, Jen) – Link

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